How skeptics become business partners

How to react to it in a ready-to-use & professional manner objections & excuses

Dealing with objections in network marketing

As of today, you no longer have to be jealous of successful networkers, join them!

You will learn how to do this in this book!

For example, you will find out:

  why YOU are often confronted with these obstructions  and how you can resolve them

  what unspoken messages are actually behind excuses and objections

  which 10 rules make you a professional communicator

  which  classic statements  are you not allowed to say under any circumstances

  which smart answers lead you professionally to a successful business

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 Pyramid System - no thanks!

 I don't have time for anything like that!

 I don't know enough people!

 I am not a seller type!

As a 'networker', you are often confronted with objections like this and many others. It does not bother some networkers  - this type can not be dissuaded from his path, reacts quickly and is successful.

The other type does experience instead of a dream a nightmare. He begins to doubt himself and falls apart:


The vision with the "easy- money-making" dreams, e.g. new luxury car, nice vacation etc.  that so many rave about, is falling apart.


So what about the skeptics' objections?

Why are some networkers constantly confronted with such ‘excuses’ and others are not?

Why are some people in network marketing terribly successful while their competitors fail miserably?


And this despite the fact that they all have the same basics:

…the same compensation  plan, the same product, the same company.


This eBook will tell you exciting answers to these questions and a solution!


If you don't know the secrets of this ‘successful language’, a single false sentence could cause trouble and could cause your business  to fail in seconds. So that something like this never happens to you again, it will be explained  in „HELP!! SNOWBALL SYSTEM“, what should be avoided.


Get your guide to professional objection handling in network marketing:



…the secret  code of successful networkers!

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Well, originally, I was just supposed to design the cover for the eBook…

But then I could not stop reading! Definitely not just a book for successful objection handling in network marketing, but a valuable toolbox for everyone, in every industry who would like to resolve objections or take the wind out of the sails of sceptics.

This is the “Aikido of words”…


Thomas Müller

Communication Design for Print, Web & Internet Marketing

Despite many years of education, I ended up finding several helpful tips and great arguments and responses! The eBook caught my attention right away and was read the very same day. It contains numerous helpful tips and direct responses. It is written in a very comfortable and readable manner. Although I have been active in the industry of direct distribution for several years and enjoyed a knowledgeable training, I found absolutely great arguments that will help me. Thank you for this amazing eBook.


I have been in Network Marketing for many years and read a lot about this topic and even participated in seminars. Nevertheless, my issues with the handling of excuses and objection still challenges me here and there and leads me to the question: “How can I prepare my response?” 

‘Help!! Snowball System!’ has finally managed to resolve my blockades, which I first realized reading this book. I am more than happy that I have managed to take this step I wasn’t able to take before. I feel much more confident with it. Excuses and objections no longer are obstacles in my way, and instead of avoiding sceptics I am now able to use the knowledge, correct answers, and change of perspective to convince them. 

I can only recommend this book to anyone who feels insecure and begins to struggle when confronted with excuses and objections! Not only is it a great textbook with easy-to-implement guidance, but also a good investment for life.


One-of-a-kind and grandiose! 

Everything I (subconsciously) used to do wrong for all these years appeared right in front of my eyes while I was reading this eBook. Now I know how to do it right! I even dared to implement several of the tips in this book, and what can I say… it really works! People take me more seriously and listen to what I have to say… I am blown away from all the “YES” I recently receive. A totally new experience for me. Thank you – thank you – thank you to the author who has created something different with this book from what I have read so far without seeing any results!


Very informative and helpful…

out of curiosity I immediately read the eBook. I had more “aha-moments” than ever before! 

Given that I just started in Network Marketing, these tips are helping me every day to further progress. 

I can now lead dialogues with more attention and confidence. Furthermore, I can consciously focus on my partners freely from any barriers.


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